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Vanessa Magowan Horrocks Powers is the director of the Oxford Comma Film Cooperative. She has been making movies since she was old enough to hold a Barbie and a camera at the same time. Oxford Comma Films has been making films since 2011 and has enjoyed festival success all over the country and the world. Their films have also racked up a few awards and nominations. Vanessa has been the driving force behind 3 feature films, two of which are award-winning and available to check out on She is excited at the chance to return to the medium of long-form storytelling.

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Tristan Corrigan is the founder of Under_Score Productions.  His passion for making films started at 12 years old when his grandmother gave him her old VHS camcorder.  Then in high school, he started working with Vanessa to create short films with their friends, setting the groundwork for their future work together.   Working on multiple feature films during college, he put his film career on hold to serve in the Navy, limiting his time to make films.  He is now medically retired from the Navy, and driving forward to re-establish himself in the film community and to create his own feature films.

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Laura LaBree has left her mark on nearly every Oxford Comma Film Cooperative production since its inception over a decade ago. From producer to art direction and everywhere in between, Laura is the jackknife of the Cooperative. She is thrilled to join this incredibly talented and driven team in her dream role; AD.  This will be her third feature film and her first thriller. 

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Summer Rose is an award winning hair and makeup artist. She has been working in film and photography for six years now. Being a mother to her son and an artist are her greatest driving forces in life. Working as a full time freelance artist for three years now Oxford Comma has played an essential roll in Summer’s career in the film world. She is excited to continue to grow with this film crew as they all move towards exciting things. 

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Oscar Keyes (he/him/his) is the Multimedia Teaching & Learning Librarian Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. He is currently a Ph.D student in Art Education at VCU, where he researches the role of embodied learning in digital-based methods of making. He has taught digital arts in a variety of spaces, including higher education, K12 schools, summer camps, community-based arts organizations, and detention centers. When he’s not busy teaching, Keyes still makes movies with his friends, having worked on award-winning short and feature-length films

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Greg Boyum has been working with Underscore Productions as a Production Assistant for a little over a year at the time of writing this. Being a part of film production was a pipe dream for Greg since his father gave him a CD-ROM titled Star Wars: Behind the Magic in middle school, which showed him the amazing worlds of props, set building, and overall magic involved in the production of films. After a series of lucky breaks, he was given the chance to be on set to help with a film being made by The Oxford Comma Film Cooperative and Underscore Productions. Since then he has been a part of the crew on three different short films and continues to push towards his goal of doing prop-work for films as a living.

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Abigail has been fortunate enough to work with Oxford Comma Film Cooperative and Under_Score Productions for over three years and has worked on several incredible projects. While she spends a majority of her time behind the scenes, producing or assistant directing, she has also had some wonderful opportunities to act as well! She has greatly enjoyed working with this team to create several award winning films. Pile of paperwork and clipboard in hand, she cannot wait to tackle her first feature.

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Marissa has worked as an actress with Oxford Comma and Underscore Productions since 2019, but Sins of the Father will be her first film as a crew member! She is looking forward to expanding her skills and developing a deeper understanding of the entire filmmaking process.  When not on film sets, she works as a dental hygienist in the twin cities area and enjoys outdoor activities and performing with various music groups.  She also enjoys managing her cat’s Instagram. 

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Script Supervisor

Laura is a Registered Dietitian, businesswoman, and artist living and working in the Twin Cities. This will be her sixth project with Oxford Comma Film Cooperative/Underscore Productions and her first feature film. Laura is passionate about living a life that demonstrates that art is for everyone, and is proud to combine her work as the Assistant Director of Nutrition Services for a large suburban school district with her “after hours” work in film and theater. Always eager to learn something new, Laura’s areas of interest include acting, writing, continuity, food styling, costuming, and guilting the cast and crew into consuming water and vegetables instead of Red Bull and beef jerky.

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Sound Recordist

Nick Ducko is a sound recordist and developer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2011 Nick has worked in multimedia film and commercial sound mixing, live theater sound design and engineering, music recording and mastering, and audio post production; in both the US and UK. Nothing makes Nick quite as happy as good sounding sounds, driving him to fight every day to help people achieve quality audio.

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Boom Operator

James Walling is thrilled to have been a partner with Under_Score Productions and Oxford Comma Film Cooperative for just over a year now. James has been involved in the arts ever since the 5th grade and is ecstatic to be working with what he would consider A-Team level of talent. He is always happy to lend a hand to whomever may need it on set but is currently devoting most his time to the behind-the-scenes workflow and proper sound recording methodologies and practices that goes into a feature film.

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